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Discover a specialized approach to single source packaging solutions with of our extensive industry experience. We can guide you in all stages of your packaging machine lifecycle. The following illustrates our service process:

1-Packaging Sales and Consulting
Choosing the right product to meet your business requirements can frequently mean the difference between success and failure. So why choose Jieze Packing Company?
Our knowledgeable engineer and sales have 5-20 years experience in the business. They have worked on a wide array of projects, ranging from simple packaging equipment upgrades with limited budgets, all the way up to intricate multi-million dollar facilities. No matter how small or large your packaging equipment project, Jieze Packing Company can provide the knowledge and experience to ensure a successful equipment deployment.


2-Packaging Machine Installation Service
Installation services are available with all new machine purchases. They will provide the technical know-how for a smooth transition and support \the CD of installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to use this machine.


3-Packaging Machine Training Service
Get the most from your solution investment safely and efficiently. Train your staff to use your packaging equipment systems properly.Jieze Packing Company offers customer training, teaching how to most efficiently and safely use the systems as well as how to maintain optimal operational productivity.


4-After Sales Service

Preventative Maintenance
We know that our customers need the assurance their packaging production operations can be depended upon! That's why we have a dedicated service department. Jieze Packing Company feels very strongly about the importance of supporting our customers and the product solutions we provide. Consequently we offer comprehensive maintenance options designed to prevent equipment issues before they become problems. As the old adage states, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
Emergency Repair Service
Please call and email us the following: NAME/MODEL/SERIAL NUMBER of the Machine and The detail err message of machine .According to the information you offered, Service engineer or maintainer will tell you how to solve it.
Fitting parts change service
As soon as we received the problems of your machine, we will offer you the fitting parts you needed , and through the phone or email to indicate you how to change it.
According to the charging standard of the fitting parts, we will charge free or only charge the material cost of the fitting parts.
And the changed broken parts will belong to our company and please send it back in 10 days if we ask.
Return repair service
We will repair the products which send back to us and send it back to customer soon. This will be free or charge some necessary cost
Packaging Machine Upgrade Service
Upgrading your existing packaging machines can be a very cost effective alternative to replacing some units or systems. Let Star Packaging Equipment's knowledgeable staff evaluate the feasibility and benefits of upgrading your present packaging equipment. We can offer a broad assortment of equipment upgrades to improve the performance and prolong the useful life of your packaging machinery.
Regular phone or email service
After using our products for six months, our service engineer or maintainer will call you and to know how the machine is working and how the fitting parts is supporting. Opinions and suggestions of customers will be record in the "REGULAR SERVICE RECORD SHEET
Door to Door Service
We also provide the service in person. As soon as we received customer's information of repair service in person, we will arrange the Service engineer or maintainer to you

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